They need us today

Millions of poor live in the Polish countryside, towns with factory closures and in the industrial suburbs of big cities. The exciting economic growth of the post-communist years has largely passed them by.

Elderly people rely on small state pensions and children are vulnerable, many in orphanages. Even people with jobs often cannot afford necessities like artificial limbs, which the Polish health service cannot supply in adequate quantity or quality.

When the Polish borders were moved West by the Allies at Yalta, over two million Poles were still left behind in regions which are today very poor, like today's Belarus, and Lwów, in today's Western Ukraine.

We constantly receive requests from the Polish people.

They need us now.

Thank you


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Potrzebujemy pomocy w sklepie, w biurze, w promowaniu naszej organizacji i zbieraniu funduszy, w Wielkiej Brytanii i w Polsce. Pomóż

Medical Aid for Poland Fund is registered in England as a Charity, Number 284461. Organisation



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Founded in 1981

In August 1981, in the midst of the Polish people's struggle against communism, the Federation of Poles in Great Britain received a letter from Solidarity Chairman Lech Wałesa appealing for medical aid. In September Dr. Bożena Laskiewicz and her colleagues sent the first container of supplies to Poland. The Medical Aid for Poland Fund was founded shortly afterwards.

On 13 December 1981 General Jaruzelski declared Martial Law and sent tanks on to the streets of Poland. We sent our first three trucks of aid in January and two in February 1982.

In total we sent 335 trucks. In 1988, free at last, Wałesa was able to come, see one off, and thank us. History

Over the years we have sent millions of pounds of assistance, including 175,000 hearing aids, numerous artificial limbs and specialist medicines. Today we can buy our supplies mostly in Poland. What we do

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